Céline Audrey Sunglasses Review

Monday, 13 June 2016

Céline Audrey Sunglasses Review
So, I recently found myself in the Céline boutique in Brown Thomas.  And while I’m a huge admirer of their handbags, I can’t justify buying a Trio just yet.   (Actually, I could justify the purchase, just cannot afford it...)  Although the larger sized Trio in black is top of my wish list!  I did however, buy another pair of their sunglasses and am thrilled to finally own the Céline Audrey Sunglasses.

These have been on my lust list for the longest time but had been sold out everywhere, which is why I went for the Céline Lucy Sunglasses
before.  Aptly named after Audrey Hepburn, the Audrey range of sunglasses from Céline are inspired by the sunglasses her character, Holly Golightly wore in the 1961 film Breakfast at Tiffany's.  These are iconic, classic sunglasses.  After some deliberation between these the original and the new Audrey version, I went for the former.  I wanted these for their dark lenses and black frame.  If you're considering these, just to note that they are huge!  When I wear these my face is mostly covered which I love.   I'm all about the oversized sunglasses, it negates the need for makeup ;)

The Céline Audrey Sunglasses have the gold Céline logo delicately embossed on one arm and the iconic silver three pin design on both the arms and the front of the sunglasses. They also come with the classic suede Céline case and cloth both embossed with Céline Paris in silver. While I do appreciate the attention to detail, my only wish is that they came in a hard case as the suede seems to attract dirt more.

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look Palette Review

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look Palette Review

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look Palette Review, Photos and Swatches
Palettes and I are definitely having a moment!  I love multi purpose products and those that promise to save time so was very excited at the launch of the Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look In A Palette. The launch had a lot of hype surrounding it and as I love a good bandwagon me, I decided to jump on it too.  Believe the hype, this is awesome.

Promising a five minute face on the go, I often carry this, lipstick and mascara for an effortlessly wearable, universally flattering make up look, in very little time.  This also makes it the perfect palette to travel with whether to pack for bringing away or to keep in your make up bag for touch ups on the go. While so far I've mostly used this to create natural looks for work, this will also take you from your desk to the dance floor or you know, dinner.

The palette itself while compact enough to be portable, is the perfect size with a large mirror and generous amounts of each product.  There are no dud shades.  The highlight and bronze shades are very similar if not the Filmstar Bronze and Glow face sculpt and highlight.  The bronze is neither too warm nor cool so it doesn't look orange or flat.  The buttery soft highlight gives the most perfect lit from within glow.  It also comes with a peach and pink blush to brighten and add a luminous finish.  The eye makeup novice in me loves the three eye shadows.  Painting by numbers for adults?  They blend with ease and are long lasting. There is a matte shade to brighten, a satin subtle shimmer to enhance and gorgeous taupe to smoke out.

So happy with the release of the Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look In A Palette and glad it's part of my collection.

Chanel Rouge Coco Stylo #202 Conte

Monday, 6 June 2016

Chanel Rouge Coco Stylo #202 Conte

So if you've seen my recent Chanel Cosmetics post, you'll know that I bought one of the new lipstick formulas, Chanel Rouge Coco Stylo.  I don't know what has come over me lately but I cannot stop buying lip products.  My heart lies with skincare but when it comes to make up, lipstick is my bag.

Described as having "the intensity of a lipstick, the shine of a lip gloss and comfort of a lip balm." The Rouge Coco Stylos are very creamy in consistency which means that they are uber comfortable to wear and very hydrating on the lips.  These have slightly more colour pay off than the Rouge Coco Shines.  With the shade I went for, there is a slight shimmer in the tube but it is very subtle and barely detectable on the lips.  I went for the shade #202 Conte.  I know, I know, another pink!  This is a baby pink with golden shimmer.  I really love these and want to buy the dusty rose shade #216 Lettre next.  They are so glossy that it means that the colour does fade and transfer but the slim twist up tube means that they are so easy to reapply.  No faff or mirror required.

I just noticed when scheduling this post that the last three have been Chanel centric!!!  Oops. Reason #53214 why I shouldn't be allowed at their counter unsupervised!  

Chanel Les Beiges Retractable Kabuki Brush

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Chanel Les Beiges Retractable Kabuki Brush
I'll admit it, I have no justification for this other than LOOK at it, just look at it?  Isn't it pretty? Totally a sound reason to buy a Chanel Les Beiges Retractable Kabuki Brush? Right, right?

I know, I know, I clearly didn't need this, I completely purchased this on a whim.  I think I first saw it on one of Lisa Eldridge's videos.  Thankfully, I don't have buyers remorse and am glad I splurged. The brush itself is super soft!  Possibly the softest brush I own!  As it's retractable, I've been using this for travel or to keep in my handbag for touching up with powder products.  However, I wouldn't use this with the Les Beiges powder as I find that it picks up too much product, the density makes for a heavy application.

It's comprised of synthetic hair so it doesn't shed.  My only gripe is that after washing, because of the density, it takes a little bit longer to dry.  For me, a one time, luxury splurge. With the iconic logo on one end. How beautiful is the packaging?  It's Chanel after all.